These beautiful bridges from around the world do more than get you from one place to the next. They showcase the engineering and artisitic style of human development throughout history. Visit these bridges and enjoy the unique style and the work that went into making them so iconic.

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Charles Bridge

Czech Republic

A medieval stone arch bridge constructed in the 14th century by King Charles IV.

Photo by R Boed

Chengyang Bridge


This beautiful covered bridge was built in 1912 to cross the Linxi River.

Photo by Rutger van der Maar

Golden Gate Bridge

California, USA

This iconic "golden" bridge opened in 1937 to connect San Francisco with Marin County.

John Frost Bridge


Part of Operation Market Garden, British forces captured and defended the bridge in the Battle of Arnhem.

Photo by Engyles



This footbridge crossing the river Reuss is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe.

Photo by swissbert

Old North Bridge

Massachusetts, USA

Visit the location where the first shots were fired starting the American Revolution in 1775.

Pegasus Bridge


Learn about the surprise attack to take the bridge and prevent German amour from reinforcing troops during the D-Day attack.

Photo by Etienne Baudon

Ponte Vecchio


Once the only bridge over the Arno River, the bridge has become a lively spot for visitors to explore.

Photo by Darold Massaro

Puente Nuevo


120-meter tall bridge connecting the city of Ronda

Photo by F Delventhal

Rialto Bridge


The oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal, shops were added in the 15th century to pay for its maintenance.

Photo by gnuckx

Stari Most

Bosnia and Herzegovina

When this bridge was completed in 1566, it was the widest man-made arch in the world.

Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Sydney Harbour Bridge


View from a distance or climb this iconic bridge for beautiful views of the city.

Photo by Wyncliffe

Tower Bridge

United Kingdom

A beautiful, iconic suspension bridge spanning across the River Thames.

Photo by phil_foto

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Bastei Bridge

This unique sandstone bridge provides a footpath high above the Elbe River.

Photo by Marco Nürnberger

Millau Viaduct

This bridge, built in 2004, soars above the Tarn valley, making it the tallest in the world.

Photo by Samir Mohamed