American Revolution

American Revolution

1765 to 1791

In the 1760's, British Parliament passed several acts to bring the American colonies under more direct British control. The American colonists protested these acts leading to British troops being sent to Boston in 1768. The troops confronted protesters in 1770, killing five people.

The Tea Act of 1773 led to further tension. Colonist, led by the Sons of Liberty, went down to Boston Harbor and threw the tea into the water. The British punished the citizens by closing the harbor and enacted laws removing Massachusetts' priveldge to self-govern.

The thirteen colonies in late 1774 formed the Continental Congress to coordinate their resistance to the British government.

The American Revolutionary War started on April 19, 1775 with the Battle of Lexington. Just over a year later, America declared its indepence from Britian on July 4, 1776.

Americans with the help of French forces fought the British for the next 5 years, eventually pushing the last of the Brisith troops out of Yorktown in 1781. The war officially ended in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

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Betsy Ross House

Pennsylvania, USA

The home that is believed to be the location where Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.

Photo by Jim, the Photographer

Carpenter's Historic Hall

Pennsylvania, USA

Constructed in 1770, the hall was the location of the First Continental Congress in 1774.

Photo by Xiquinho Silva

Christ Church

Pennsylvania, USA

From 1754 to 1810, the church's tower and steeple was the tallest structure in what is now the United States.

Photo by Aaron Vowels

Christ Church Burial Ground

Pennsylvania, USA

Visit the resting place of Benjamin Franklin, and his wife, Deborah.

Photo by angela n.

Colonial National Historical Park

Virginia, USA

Explore the site of the battle that ended the American Revolutionary War.

Photo by Ken Lund

Elfreth's Alley

Pennsylvania, USA

Wander this historic street with 32 homes dated between 1703 and 1836.

Photo by Céline Harrand

Federal Hall

New York, USA

It was at this location that George Washington was sworn in as the nation’s first president.

Photo by Wendel Fisher

Granary Burying Ground

Massachusetts, USA

John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams are buried here in the 3rd oldest cemetery in Boston.

Photo by Rusty Clark

Independence Hall

Pennsylvania, USA

The location of both the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Photo by Xiquinho Silva

Liberty Bell

Pennsylvania, USA

The famous cracked bell symbolizing American independence

Photo by William Warby

Old North Bridge

Massachusetts, USA

Visit the location where the first shots were fired starting the American Revolution in 1775.

Old North Church

Massachusetts, USA

The oldest standing church in Boston, it was used to warn the colonists of the British Army.

Old South Meeting House

Massachusetts, USA

This 1729 meeting house was used to debate the rules and regulations passed by British Parliament.

Photo by Lee Wright

Old State House

Massachusetts, USA

The Declaration of Independence was read here on July 18, 1776.

Photo by Céline Harrand

President's House

Pennsylvania, USA

Home to George Washington and John Adams during their presidencies.

The Battle of Bunker Hill

Massachusetts, USA

A famous battle during the American Revolutionary War in June of 1775.

The Boston Tea Party

Massachusetts, USA

Protesting taxes, the Sons of Liberty threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.

Photo by Scott Edmunds

The Paul Revere House

Massachusetts, USA

Home to the famous silversmith and Midnight Rider who warned citizens that the British were coming.

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Benjamin Franklin


George Washington


Paul Revere

Midnight Rider

Paul Revere