Lighthouse Series


Lighthouses have been used to protect ships for hundreds of years. From the ancient Pharos of Alexandria lighthouse to the modern day versions that use advanced lens and lighting, civilizations have constructed elaborate towers to keep ships from dangerous currents, rocks, and shallow waters. Many of the lighthouses in our series have been around for decades, some of them centuries. They've been upgraded to the latest technology and some have even been moved due to erosion and climate change. However, despite their age, they continue to keep important shipping lanes safe all year long.



Bass Harbor Head Light

Maine, USA

Located in Acadia National Park, the lighthouse was first lit in 1858.

Battery Point Light

California, USA

First lit in 1856, it still remains in operation today.

Big Sable Point Light

Michigan, USA

Built in 1867, you can volunteer to live and work at this lighthouse for 2 week periods.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

North Carolina, USA

Built in 1872, it's the third lighthouse to have stood at this location.

Cape Hatteras Light

North Carolina, USA

Located on Hatteras Island, it protects ships from the shifting sandbars of the Outer Banks.

Cape Neddick Light

Maine, USA

Often called Nubble Light, the lighthouse sits 88 feet above the sea below.

Chania Lighthouse


Constructed in the 1830's, it's often referred to as the "Egyptian" lighthouse.

Cordouan Lighthouse


Constructed in 1611, it is the oldest lighthouse in France.

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Hawaii, USA

Operated by the US Coast Guard, the lighthouse was first constructed in 1898.

Eldred Rock Light

Alaska, USA

This octagonal lighthouse stands 56 feet (17 m) tall and was constructed in 1905..

Fanad Head Lighthouse


Originally built in 1817, the current lighthouse was first lit in 1866.

Formentor Lighthouse


Built in 1863, it sits at the tip of the Balearic island.

Galle Lighthouse

Sri Lanka

Galle Lighthouse, built in 1939, is Sri Lanka's oldest light station.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Oregon, USA

The beam from this lighthouse is visible for 21 nautical miles, the strongest on the Oregon Coast.

Homigot Lighthouse

South Korea

Built in 1903, it remains the tallest lighthouse in South Korea.

Jeddah Light

Saudi Arabia

Built in 1990, Jeddah Light is the tallest lighthouse in the world at 133 m (436 ft).

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Florida, USA

This 105-foot (32 m) tall lighthouse sits on top of a natural sand dune protecting it from the ocean.

Kermorvan Lighthouse


Built in 1849, it remains an active lighthouse on the westernmost point of France.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Constructed in 1920, this brick lighthouse stands 11 meters (36 feet) tall.

Lindau Lighthouse


Located on Lake Constance, it's the southernmost lighthouse in Germany.

Lindesnes Lighthouse


Lindesnes Lighthouse was occupied by the Germans during World War II.

Lorain Lighthouse

Ohio, USA

The "Jewell of the Port" was put into service in 1917.

Low Lighthouse

United Kingdom

The lighthouse sits on 9 legs to keep it above the changing tides.

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse

Hawaii, USA

This lighthouse constructed in 1909 has the largest lens of any lighthouse in the United States.

Marshall Point Lighthouse

Maine, USA

Located at the end of a raised wooden walkway, the lighthouse provides for unique photo opportunities.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

New York, USA

It was the first lighthouse to be built in the state of New York.

Neist Point Lighthouse

United Kingdom

This remote lighthouse. on the Isle of Skye, was first lit back in 1909.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

California, USA

At 115 feet (25 m) tall, it is tied with Point Arena Light as the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast.

Portland Breakwater Light

Maine, USA

This small lighthouse was built in 1855, restored in 1989, and reactivated in 2002.

Portland Head Light

Maine, USA

Built in 1791, it is the oldest lighthouse in Maine.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Minnesota, USA

This beautiful lighthouse was featured in the 2013 film, The Great Gatsby.

St Augustine Lighthouse

Florida, USA

Located on Anastasia Island, the original lighthouse was the first to be built in Florida.

Tower of Hercules


Constructed around the 2nd century AD, it is the oldest known lighthouse in the world.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

Maine, USA

This lighthouse is located close to the easternmost point of the contiguous United States.

Wind Point Light

Wisconsin, USA

Built in 1880, it is one of the oldest and tallest lighthouses on the Great Lakes.