120-meter tall bridge connecting the city of Ronda

Photo by F Delventhal

In 1751, a visionary architect named José Martin de Aldehuela unveiled his ambitious vision to the townspeople. He proposed constructing a bridge like no other – the Puente Nuevo. Its purpose was to replace an older bridge that had tragically collapsed due to structural issues. The new bridge would not just connect the two parts of Ronda; it would become a symbol of their unity and resilience.

The people of Ronda rallied behind this monumental undertaking. For 42 grueling years, the people of Ronda poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the construction of the Puente Nuevo. Families shared stories of the bridge's progress and hopes soared as the majestic structure began to take shape.

In 1793, the Puente Nuevo was finally completed. It was a marvel of engineering and architecture. The central arch, a masterpiece, soared 120 meters above the waters of the Guadalevín River. The old prison chamber beneath the bridge's arch was transformed into a museum, preserving the bridge's history.

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