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Milan is a city in northern Italy. It is the capital of the region of Lombardy. It has the second largest population of all the cities in Italy. Over 1.3 million people live in Milan.

Archaeological findings go back as far as 222 BC. From 286 to 402 AD, Milan served as the Western Roman Empire. Today, the city is famous for is its fashion industry, entertainment, design, media, and art.

There are tons of places to visit in Milan and lots of things to do. You’ll find really nice restaurants to eat in. Fun shops and boutiques are everywhere.

Throughout centuries, Milan has been a mecca for art and history. Tourists come from near and far to visit places like the gorgeous Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral which was created over 600 years ago. 

Leonardo da Vinci’s mural of “The Last Supper” which was painted by the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, hangs in the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent in the heart of town.

Aside from seeing the churches, museums and archaeological ruins, fashion shows are always in session. And, if you like operas, you’re in luck. Milan is a very musical town with plenty of opera houses.

Top Historical Places

Arco della Pace

The Arco della Pace is located in Milan, Italy. It is also called the Arch of Peace. It was built in the early nineteenth century to celebrate peace between European nations that was reached in 1815.

The Arco della Pace was part of the “Foro Bonaparte” which was built like a Roman Forum to honor Napoleon’s victories.

The design of the Arco della Pace is very elaborate. It has a large passageway in the center with two smaller ones on each side. It is clad in elegant marble and has beautiful sculptures and columns.

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Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco was built in 1450 by Francesco Sforza. He and his son Ludovico Sforza used it as their home. In 1526, the Spanish converted the caste into a fortress holding 1000 to 3000 men. When Italy was unified in the 19th century, it was no longer used by the military. The city of Milan took over ownership.  They restored much of the castle and have converted it into a museum.

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Duomo di Milano

The Duomo di Milano took 6 centuries to complete. It was constructed between 1386 to 1965 and dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente (The Nativity of Saint Mary). It is the largest basilica in Italy and the 3rd largest in Europe.


Monday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Santa Maria delle Grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie is a gothic church located in Milan. It is home to one of the most famous paintings in the world called “The Last Supper”. The talented artist Leonardo da Vinci painted the masterpiece between 1494 and 1498. The artwork represents the last dinner Jesus and his disciples shared together before Jesus’ crucifixion.

You will want to purchase tickets in advance if you want to see the painting. Visiting times and group sizes are limited.

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Open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm.

Historical People

Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci

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