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Pike Place Market

Photo by Matthias Klappenbach

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This medieval castle is one of United Kingdom's iconic sights and a weekend home for the Queen. Monarchs have been using this palace since the time of Henry I, the fourth son of William the Conqueror.

Apart from being the Queen's home, the castle hosts official visits and is used for ceremonies. Part of the Royal Collection is housed here.

The medieval castle mixes Georgian and Victorian styles with some Gothic features. The staterooms were designed by Jeffry Wyatville in the 19th century and they are a combination of Rococo and Victorian Gothic styles.

While entering the area of the castle, you will undergo an airport-style security check. Try to reduce the number of items you bring with you in order to pass the check quickly. You will be asked to check in some items such as luggage, pushchairs or scissors.

Eating or drinking is not allowed in the castle. Taking pictures and filming is allowed in some areas. The castle may be closed due to special events - please check the official website before your visit.